Little Footprints Hilbert began in July 2017 as a meeting place for parents and a rich learning environment for children 0-5 years. Parents make new friends and children play. Everyone’s happy.

As an incorporated association under Playgroup WA, Little Footprints is run as a not-for-profit organisation for the benefit of the Hilbert community.

Little Footprints Hilbert focuses its imaginative play-based program around a different theme each term. Imaginary play encourages children to explore new ideas, learn from their surrounds and engage socially with other children. This social engagement helps to develop skills like discipline, problem solving and empathy.

Your child learns best when he or she is playing, exploring, creating and imagining. Experience is the best teacher. Playgroup allows children to use negotiation skills, including taking turns and sharing. It also provides opportunities for expressing their feelings and experimenting with solutions.

Language skills are developed during imaginative play. Children practice listening, comprehending and talking. What may seem like a humble playgroup is actually a rich learning environment for young children. We look forward to welcoming you next Tuesday.


10 Ninth Rd, Brookdale WA
(on the grounds of Australian Christian College)


Every Tuesday during school term


8:45am - 10:15am


A hat, water bottle and a piece of fruit to share


$2 per family, per week (pay as you go)


08 9391 1500


[email protected]